Beginners Guide

data science beginners guide

Data science Beginners Guide

Hi Dataaspirant,

Looking for a decent start in data science and thinking the same question again and again

Where to start? 

Then this page is especially for you. Learn the basic concepts to get into the data science world. We were continuously updating this page with our fresh content.

We organized all our posts by keeping in the mind to make the beginner’s learning journey happy.  If you were looking for a particular data science concept, do let us know in the comments section. So we will write a post on the concept you suggested.

We wish you a happy learning.

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Quick Start Concepts


Introductory Concepts

Online Courses

Libraries/Packages Installation

Regression Techniques

Classification Techniques

Classification Models Evaluation Metrics

Clustering Techniques

Reinforcement Learning Techniques

Recommendation Engine Concepts

Extra Concepts

Deep Learning Concepts

Natural Language Processing Concepts

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Continuously we will update this page. If you have any questions then feel free to comment below.  If you want me to write on one specific topic then do let me know in the comments below.

12 Responses to “Beginners Guide

  • Jagatheeswari Ravi
    2 years ago

    Hi, I am trying to see the courses that u have suggested . But the link is broken..

    Can u help

  • – first lesson in the learning page itself is not working. 404 Error. Please check ASAP

  • should non-programmer go for data science course?

  • Arumugaraj
    7 years ago

    I’m interested in learning datascience in R.From where i have to start? Suggest some materials and resources.

    • Hi Arumugaraj,

      If you are interested in learning data science in R, first spend some time on learning the R programming language. Then you start fine tuning the machine learning model in R. You can learn the R programming language from any online tutorials or any MOOC courses.

  • Shafiulla Pathan
    7 years ago

    Hi Saimadhu Polamuri,

    Could you please tell me ,how can we practice this data mining techniques. As a beginner to data science I’m asking what type of setup we should have like which programming language is best,which tool etc.


    • Hi Shafi,

      We are glad for your interest in data mining.
      First, spend some time on the basics of Python programming language. Once you are comfortable with Python, You can start to learn the basic machine learning concepts.

    8 years ago

    pls provide detail data scince course

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