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At Dataaspirant we are passionate about data science. We started this blog with core aim to bring data sicence much closer to beginners. In process we recognized as one of the world best blog for data science. We are visited by a large pool of data science lovers who feel, we  made their dreams come ture in the learning path to data science. 

People say we are passionate towards data science, but the truth is we are not only excited about data science but also eager to share knowledge of data science to the world.

All our team members feel proud to call themselves as dataaspirants. Still, we need contributors. We strongly believe we can spread more knowdelege with great people who genuinely enjoy sharing thoughts on data science to the world.

So this is the chance to share your original content with a pretty big slice of data science community.

Excited to write an article ? 

To become part of our knowledge sharing hub, you don't need to be a professional writer or blogger, all you need is passion about data science and desire to share your knowledge to the world.


Content Guidelines To Follow

We're intereseted in anything that relates to data science, below are the guidelines we follow before we approve your article.

  • It should be original and not previously published online.
    We feel 1500 to 2000 words is reasonable, but that's a guideline not a rule.
    Use as much text as you need to explain your idea clearly, we will help you with the images.
    We'll edit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc, but won't make any substantive changes without your approval.

Your Article Will Publish In Just 3 Steps 


Step 1

Pick any data science topic you would like to write and email your initial draft to us.


Step 2

Our editorial team will cross check and the relevent visuval for your quality content .


Step 3

Will send you the final draft, once you apporved, the article will go live just like that.


Email Your Article Darft To:  team@dataaspirant.com 



Postgraduate in Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning from the university of texas, Writes about machine learning, natural langauge process and deep learning algorithms  and explained concepts/topics implementation in python.

Saimadhu Polamuri

Founder of Dataaspirant , Senior Data Scientist

Consultant to an eudcational paltform (s), such as Udacity, dataaspirant. He writes on topics/concepts like machine learning algorithms, deep learning tools and explained concepts implementation in R programming language. 

Rahul Saxena

Content Writer, Independent Consultant

Working as Data Scientist and having specilization in natural language processing, She writes on topics like latest deep learning algorithms, solving natural language processing   problems and how to use python libraries in most effective way.

Sharmila Polamuri

Data Scientist


  • Chaitanya Sagar
  • Saloni Samant
  • Vaishnavi Agrawal
  • Venkatesh Nagilla

Topics We Write


Data Science


We covered topics like latest technologies, tools, and how to implement them in various ways.


Machine Learning


We covered topics like different machine learning algorithms, and implementing them in python and R programming languages.


Deep Learning


We covered topics like different deep learning algorithms and build tensorflow models to build various deep learning models.


Natural Language Processing


We covered topics likes, building email spam classifier with nlp packages like spacy, nltk, textblob and other text related alogirthms.


In Short

If you Want to contribute for dataaspirant, just email your article draft to team@dataaspirant.com, in 7 days the article will go live. 

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