Data scientists Interviews


Data Scientist Interviews

Data Scientist Interviews

Data Scientists Interviews

To take data science much closer to beginners. We are planning to interview world greatest data scientists about how they start learning data science. What are the must do things every data aspirant has to do …etc.

We are planning to post these interviews based on the availability of data scientist. So we are requesting you to leave your data science related questions in the comment section. So we can ask those questions to data scientists while interviewing them.

Data Scientist Interview 001

Data Scientist: Kai Xin Thia

Short Bio: Kai Xin is a data scientist at Lazada. He specializes in behavioral analytics and has an interest in large recommendation systems. He has been building behavioral models for 3 years and is the top 1% on Kaggle, which is an international data science competition portal.

He is also the Co-Founder of DataScience SG (the largest data science community in Singapore) & volunteer at DataKind SG (NGO that helps other NGOs through data science).

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