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Chi-Square Test

Chi-Square Test: Your Secret Weapon for Statistical Significance

Do you want to know if your data is statistically significant and working, especially on categorical data, then Chi-Square Test...

Ultimate Guide For Central Limit Theorem

Ultimate Guide For Central Limit Theorem

If maths is the magician, then the central limit theorem is like a magic trick that happens when you add...

Single Value Decomposition (SVD) In machine

How to Use Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) In machine Learning

How many times you heard singular value decomposition and skipped the article because of the complex mathematical terms?This time you...

Bag of words

How Bag of Words (BOW) Works in NLP

How Bag of Words (BOW) Works in NLPIn this article, we are going to learn about the most popular concept,...

K-means Clustering

How K-Means Clustering Algorithm Works

How K Means Clustering Algorithm Works  In today’s world, where machine learning models implementation is so easy to find anywhere...